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21, I live in Alaska. I enjoy the little things in life the best I can. I love music, gaming, food, and friends. I'm the singer in a pop punk band called Noise Brigade. As far as that goes we'll see where life takes me.

Here's my bands newest EP, check it out, hope you like it:

    It’s not that I don’t want to
    It’s that I know someone doesn’t want me to

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    Ayyyyy my band did a music video


    ay yoooooo

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    At least I feel better now

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    Alone in a room of people I know very well

    The feeling creeps through an open wound in my back

    Grabs my lungs

    And I lose breath at the little things that pick and scratch my sight

    The things that shouldn’t matter, do in my mind

    Anxious that someone will notice

    Anxious that someone can fix this

    Why do I feel like this

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    4/20 blaze it? Come on guys it’s easter.

    4/20 graze it.

    — 2 days ago
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    @aknoisebrigade @dougxjones @nickvasquez87

    @aknoisebrigade @dougxjones @nickvasquez87

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    @wearethera #koots dem new songs doe

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    @cityinashes #koots

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    thingswillcomeseasonschange asked: Come to alaska, I'll help you book shows and buy you pizza.



    that’s a long drive! better be the best pizza.. :)


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