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This is me.

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22, I live in Alaska. I love music, gaming, food, and friends. I'm the singer of a pop punk band called Noise Brigade.

    Home now from the trip to Warped Tour.

    I’m burnt to a crisp, I got to play 2 days of the tour on the Kevin Says stage, I got to see some of my favorite bands WHICH INCLUDE:

    • I Call Fives
    • Vanna
    • Title Fight
    • New Found Glory (omg unf)
    • Senses Fail
    • Streetlight Manifesto (x2)
    • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
    • Man Overboard (x2)
    • The Ghost Inside
    • Pierce The Veil (never listened to them really before, that’s changed.)
    • Polar Bear Club
    • Four Year Strong
    • Yellowcard
    • Of Mice & Men
    • We Are The In Crowd
    • Transit
    • For Today
    • All Time Low
    • Taking Back Sunday
    • Fireworks

    Oh, and to top it all off. I got to talk to Ned one day and Jamie the next from Title Fight. They’re really chill guys. Then I saw Alan from Four Year Strong and chatted with him a little bit after Fireworks set which was pretty fucking rad. The part that made it even better? I gave Alan and Jamie CD’s of ours, and they were actually pretty interested in listening to it, no bullshit. I’m so happy about this weekend. Although I’m burnt to a crisp… That’s about it. Aha

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