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22, I live in Alaska. I love music, gaming, food, and friends. I'm the singer of a pop punk band called Noise Brigade.

    ay our new music video is on BlankTV, that’s pretty cool I think

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    We’re proud to present to you a new song and music video. We’re leaving on tour July 13th. We will be releasing a new EP before we leave.

    Filmed by Underground Live/Weakfilms Alaska at Road To Warped Tour 6/11/14.

    07/15 - Olympia, WA (The Northern)
    07/17 - Tacoma, WA (House Show)
    07/18 - Bremerton, WA (The Charleston)
    07/20 - Eugene, OR (Stickup Kid, Seaway @The Boreal)
    07/23 - San Fransisco, CA (Submission)
    07/24 - Aberdeen, WA (The Eagles)
    07/25 - Arlington, WA (Mirkwood and Shire Cafe)

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    Still stoked TDWP is bringin’ the heavy to anchorage’s warped tour. Fuuuuck

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    Noise Brigade - Battle Of The Bands →

    Hey if you like pop punk and music take a second to listen to a few songs from da band i’m in. Thx

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Here’s a GIF I made from my music video for Reel Big Fish on Vans Warped Tour 2013


    Here’s a GIF I made from my music video for Reel Big Fish on Vans Warped Tour 2013

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    Warped Tour Announces Next Five Bands



    The eighth set of bands for the 2014 Vans Warped Tour have been announced via Fuse’s Warped Roadies. You can check out the lineup so far below after the jump and be sure to reblog the post with your thoughts so far!

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    Never did I ever think I would see Terror and Falling In Reverse on the same announcement.

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    i just wanna know what bands are playing at the anchorage warped tour show ( ._.)

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